Why Swag?

Book club visits, book signings, happenstance meetings…

You gotta have swag!

What is swag?

Anything with an author’s name and how to buy their books, aka, amazon author page.

Lynn Donovan, Author.  Amazon Author Page

I’ve created postcards with my latest series, and how to get them. I will pass these out as Swag. Here’s an example:


Plus, I went to Cafepress.com and set up a store with all kinds of products with Java Cupid logo on it for fans to buy, leaving me out of the middle. But this stuff is available in bulk also. SO, yeah, I’m thinking about getting a box of coffee cups for swag.

large_mug There are travel mugs, t-shirts, caps and you name it. But for my swag, I think I’ll get the… mugs… or travel cups… or insulated cup with straw…

As you can see I can’t make up my mind.

Which would you rather receive?

A mug?

A travel cup?

An insulated cup with straw?

You want to see what they look like don’t you?  Okay…give me a minute.

Here’s how to buy your own Java Cupid Swag: Click Here

SO, that’s just an example of some items for SWAG.

I’m looking at other items for Swag. Pens, highlighters, book marks, whatever I can find that I think you’d like and can be personalized with my author information. It’s all for fun and it’s all for you.

Swag is like party favors. Everybody gets at least one.

SO…here’s the deal. If you know of a book club, readers’ group, library gatherings, etc., whose looking for a new face and a new series of books. I’d love an invite. I’ll bring copies of my books to give away as SWAG. That’s right, I’ll give everyone who attends a Paper Back copy of my book, along with other fun things and YOU GET a new book to read. Win-Win!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I love to hear from you. And if you know of a book club needing an author to come visit, let me know. I live in Canon City, Colorado and will travel a reasonable distance to come see you. Contact me at my email address AuthorLynnDonovan@gmail.com

And…thanks for your help in distributing my SWAG!






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