Attention Romance Readers!

stop-565609__480Yes, I know it’s not Sneak Peek Saturday or Snippet Saturday! Pffft.



But this is SO kiss-2277803__480exciting, I wanted to share it with you today!

I have started a whole new adventure and I hope you will come along for the ride! I’ve decided to move out from under the umbrella of Christian Fiction, and am now writing in the Secular Contemporary Romance genre. On a scale of 1-10, I write at a Steamy Level 4, or PG-13.



The first in this new genre is a series I call Java Cupid Series. I have three books, so far and plan to write more. Depends on how much YOU, the reader like them!

Series SynopsisswagGraphic

At the Java Cupid Coffee Shop love is on the menu and the cup. Customers come to get great coffee and some find a mysterious heat-sensitive message written on their cup. These messages lead them to their True Love and their Happy Ever After.

No one knows who the Java Cupid is, but when his arrows fly two things are certain: The Java Cupid always hits the target and Java Cupid is never wrong.

Did I mention, you can preorder Java Break on Amazon NOW? If you do, it is available May 17. The Official release is May 22, but because you read my blog, you are in the know before everybody else!

Java Break synopsis

Wendy Ashton and Dillon Cayne were both inspired by broken bones of their own. She to become an orthopedic nurse, he an engineer, designing more efficient and effective equipment for those recovering from orthopedic incidents. Their two paths so closely aligned, yet never intersecting.

Until a mysterious message appears in heat sensitive ink on Wendy’ coffee cup. A message of love that makes her take notice of the handsome barista who must have written it. Brought together by the message, their lives begin to merge. Could this be true love?

Together they learn that his dad is dating her mom and Dillon worries about the stigma of dating his possible step-sister. Add a crazy ex-girlfriend who won’t take no for an answer and a misunderstood phone call, the trust issues become almost too much to bear.

What will it take to bring these two together? Can the Java Cupid show them their Happy Ever After? Or was it all a mistake? Will broken bones turn into broken hearts? Answers can only be found with a Java Break.

Romance Readers! I’m so excited to bring this series to you in just a week! Please let me know what you think!

Now, here’s the sneak peek. I call this scene “First Kiss.”

“My dad’s the same way.” Dillon stared at the opposite wall. “He tries to take care of me. But I stand my ground and make him back off. Ever since my accident, and then Mom’s—”

Dillon cleared his throat and fell silent.

Wendy sat up straighter. “What about your mom?”

Dillon stared at his lap a long time. Finally, he lifted his eyes. Tears had pooled there, but didn’t spill. “She died last year. It was a long, terrible ordeal. She had MS. Dad took good care of her, though. Now that she’s gone, I think he feels like he needs to take care of me.” Dillon made a gesture of a smile, but sadness lurked in every part of his face.

Wendy wanted to make that sadness go away. Her eyes darted from his eyes to his mouth. She leaned into him, her eyes still flitting from his eyes to mouth, until she was too close to see anything but his eyes. His gaze held with hers and he pressed into her, consuming her mouth. She pressed even harder and wrapped her arms around his neck. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and pulled her against his chest. She lowered her hand and found the bottom of his t-shirt, slipping under, she gripped his abdomen. He gasped. His muscles hardened at her touch.

He dropped his hand to the bottom of her shirt and ran it up the back toward her bra. He twisted the clasp and it sprung apart. His kiss deepened and his tongue sought hers. Her midsection ignited with fire and she wanted nothing but to have him.

The doorbell rang.

They froze.

Her eyes darted to the door. She closed them and blew out air. Quickly reattaching her bra, she straightened her shirt and stood. A sultry look remained in his eyes, but he straightened and sobered. She opened the door.

“Aw, come on!” Her dad said in a loud voice. “I can’t possibly eat all this. You kids take it.” He shoved a Pizza Hut box at her, and a two liter bottle of Coke.

“Dad!” She bulged her eyes. God, he had bad timing! “Uh. Thanks.” She took the box and Coke, and shoved her dad back with the door as she closed it. She turned to face Dillon. He laughed. She had to giggle, too.

“Want some pizza?” She busted out laughing.



Java break cover

Here’s your link to the Amazon page where you can preorder Book 1 of Java Cupid Series.

Thank you all for walking with me on this new adventure! There’s going to be a lot of fun and enjoyable reading ahead. Let me know what you think! Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


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