Snippet Saturday

OH! Not Sneak Peek Saturday?

Well, no. This time I’m not sharing an entire chapter, but a snippet of two stories from a series that I’m working on with two other authors, Pastor George McVey and Robin Deeter.

The series is called Phantom Horse Bridge Series. There will be nine books to begin with and I am writing three, possibly four of the nine. We will begin to release them on September 15, 2017. My books are #2, #5, and maybe #8 or #9. We aren’t sure yet. They are Contemporary Romance with an element of the Paranormal. George and I are stepping out of the genre Christian Fiction and trying our hand at Secular Fiction. Robin has been writing under sweet romance for some time now and is helping us get our feet wet. We appreciate her guidance.

So I hope you enjoy the stories. We are enjoying putting this fictitious town and people together. We have charts and graphs, maps and ideas flowing between us. It’s been and continued to be a lot of fun working with these two amazing authors on this series.

ANYWAY:  Book #2 is Phantom Mystery.

It’s about a woman named Mystery Stonestar who owns a metaphysical shop named, “Mysti’s Crystals and Gifts.” She and her sister, Samantha Gladstone grew up in Gladstone, Colorado and have experienced the folklore legend of Grandpa Harold and his steed first hand when Sammy was lost in the woods twenty years ago. Mysti suffers from guilt for not taking better care of her little sister and Samantha suffers from nightmares of the ghost horse and rider chasing her through the woods. Their Uncle, the Mayor, Hal Gladstone has decided in order to improve the Gladstone’s economy, he will change the name of the town to Phantom Horse, Colorado and has called in a team of Paranormal Investigators to shoot an episode about their town and its infamous ghost on the TV show, Paranormal Encounters.

Here’s your snippet: To set this scene up, you need to know Reverend Obadiah Begley accosted Msyti during his sermon last Sunday and she is concerned the town will no longer shop in her store. Uncle Hal has reassured her he will make sure she continues to get customers…

Not even an hour later, her door chimes sounded. Mysti glanced up from a Mother Earth magazine. Jimmy Troutman slipped into her shop. Hoover, his pot belly pig, snorted from the leash Fish held loosely in his hand. He looked around, as if he were shopping for produce. He fingered some polished stones, ran his hand through hanging crystals, thumbed some chimes and nodded his approval of their sounds. Hoover grunted and sniffed the bottom of the display cases.

Mysti tilted her head and rose from her stool. “Fish, can I help you two?”

“Oh!” he acted surprised she called him out by name. “I need something—“ His eyes continued to roam across her display cases. “What was it?” he seemed to be speaking to himself more than her. “I—you know, something that would, um…purify…the…air? At my dealership. You know, lot’s a negative vibes.” He wiggled his fingers to emphasis ‘vibes’.

Mysti stared at him. “Well, I could show you some Himalayan Salt Stones.”

He snapped his fingers. “Salt Stone! Yeah, yeah. That’s it. How do those work.” He sucked on his teeth and looked at her with utmost sincerity. She almost laughed. Unlike the used car salesman, she wouldn’t pass off a lemon as a pearl.

“They’re over here.”

She held an upturned palm and waved across the display of pink stones.

“Wow, thirty bucks, huh.” He rocked up on his toes.

“Well, yes you could get that one, but if you really want to purify your entire dealership, I’d suggest this one.” She lifted a larger stone and turned the tag so he could see it’s price.

“Wow.” He paled a little. “How about I just get the thirty dollar jobber and only purify my office?”

Mysti bit her lips to keep from laughing. Uncle Hal had to of put him up to this. Fish had never entered her shop for anything other than an update on her request for a purple Jeep Wrangler. She had a standing order since she had turned sixteen. In truth, she only rode a bicycle to help reduce her carbon footprint on Mother Earth, but it had become their excuse to visit. He was an old friend. “That’s not a bad idea. Shall I wrap it for you or do you just want a sack.”

“Oh a sack’ll be great. You take plastic?”

“Of course I do, Fish. My store is as modern as your’s is.”

Okay: Snippet #2 is from Book #5 titled Phantom Lessons

It’s about Samantha Gladstone, Mysti’s sister. Samantha is a fourth-sixth grade teacher who has suppressed the horrible nightmare about the phantom horse and rider. Now the Paranormal Investigators are in town dredging up everything she has managed to compartmentalize. She hates them being in Gladstone (Phantom Horse). She has to remember the new name! They are in the way, in her face, and annoying as all get out. But one, Paul Hourton, seems different. What is it about this guy that makes her forget she hates him and everything he is there for.

Here’s your Snippet: The only set up I think you need is, Ty is her best friend’s seven year old son whom she brings to school because Vi is busy running a bakery. Sam’s payment is a sweet roll every morning. The Paranormal Investigation teams have taken over the Faculty Parking lot and the teachers and staff are now parallel parking across campus along the soccer field. Yesterday evening, Alan Rivers, the spokesperson for the TV show Paranormal Encounters, had tricked Sam into an interview by inviting her to dinner but surprising her with a camera man and interviewer present. API is American Paranormal Investigators, Inc. Owned and operated by Paul Hourton and staff.

The next morning, Sam and Ty climbed out of her little Mitsubishi, when an odd sounding horn blew. She looked across the hood of her car. Paul Hourton sat in the API golf cart leaning on the steering wheel. “Morning.”

“Good Morning.” She said cooly.

Ty ran up to him. “Can I have a ride?”

“You sure can. And I thought I’d give you one, too.” His emerald green eyes met Sam’s. “It’s the least I can do, since we caused you to have to walk so far every morning and afternoon.”

“Are you doing this for all the teachers, Mr. Hourton?”

“Um. I prefer Paul.” He seemed to blush slightly. “And I can. Do you think that will help with our goodwill around here?”

“I think it’s a good start.” Sam said as she hiked her knee to scoot onto the the seat next to Paul. Ty had climbed on the very back and was hanging on to a roll-bar like it was an amusement ride. “It’s like a chocolate covered strawberry.” She didn’t dare glance at him. “They make everybody happy.”

Sam cradled a cup holder with three coffees, from her cousin Leanne’s diner, in her lap, and a Sweet Cheeks sack from Vi. Sam’d spent several hours past her bedtime grading papers and fuming over Mr. Alan Rivers’s charismatic power over her. He’d smile those pearly whites and she’d agree to just about anything. Except going to the Bridge. That was where she drew the line. When they shot their ghost hunt, she would not be any where near it or them. Dazzling smile or not, she would not do that.

Vi had given her three pig-in-a-blanket-croissants for protein. Vi looked as bad as Sam felt, like she had tossed and turned all night, too. Sam empathized. She’d barely slept two of the five hours she had been in bed. So the two coffees and the protein enriched breakfast should help her get through this day. The third coffee, of course, was for KatLynn, once she showed up.

Paul kept looking over at her. “Why three?”

Sam looked down at her lap. “Oh! The coffees?”

Paul nodded.

“Well, normally I get one for me and one for my co-teacher, KatLynn. She’s a bit of a scatter brain, but I love her. So I always pick up the coffees from the diner and Vi gives me a breakfast roll when I pick up the little monkey back there.” She tilted her head toward Tyson.

Paul nodded approvingly. He pulled through the parking lot and across the lawn to the front entrance where she had entered the day before. She had headed straight to the principal’s office that day, because Tyler Adcock had scared her, but today she just needed to go straight to her classroom and would have entered through the side door. But it was nice of Paul to bring her where he thought she went in. She smiled at him.

“Thank you for the ride.” Sam considered her sack of croissants and handed one to Paul. He smiled and took it. Something about him…she couldn’t put a finger on it. He wasn’t plain at all. Like she first thought. When he wasn’t standing next to Alan Rivers, Paul Hourton was…handsomely rugged, rather than plain. Like a cross between Chris Evans and Michael Fassbender. She considered that thought. Yeah, that about described him, Captain America and X-men’s Magneto.

And he seemed so nice. Thoughtful at least. He didn’t throw his charisma around like it was a talent to persuade everybody to bend to his will. No wonder they called Alan Rivers ‘Face.’ It wasn’t because he was in front of the camera, it was his weapon to manipulate people. The more she pondered that idea the madder she got. Alan was a jerk. But Paul was very nice. She handed him the third coffee.

He tilted his head. “Don’t you need the extra caffeine today?”

She smiled. “There’s a difference between need and want.”

He nodded and accepted the cup. “Thank you.”

Well, there you have it. TWO Snippets from Two books in the Series: Phantom Horse Bridge Series, written by Robin Deeter, Lynn Donovan, and Pastor George McVey. I hope you enjoyed them.

Leave me a comment, tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


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