Sneak Peek Saturday

First: I want to apologize for the lateness of this blog post! Our internet went out last night due to high winds. It just started working again about an hour ago…So here we go!

Sneak Peek Saturday!

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OH! One more thing! Tuesday is Valentine’s day…AND the cover reveal event valentinedaymemefor Cloned Chaos! SO hold on and stay tuned for the cover. Trust me, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks to Cora for the design.


NOW, what you’ve been waiting for: A scene from Cloned Chaos: The rescue cargo ship has brought all one thousand hibernation pods to Omicron and Molly is about to find out if her family survived…or is she?

Molly giggled as she ran to the Cargo Building entrance. She glanced down at her fresh uniform shirt and brushed tell-tale cranberry scone crumbs. The Lupus vehicle always had at-the-ready snacks and drinks.

How soon would the pods be thawed? Surely, if Deuce was already here, the process had started. Her senses still hummed with the tormenting sense of forebode, but she refused to believe it pertained to her family. Nothing but positive thoughts!

Thank you, Lord, for keeping my family safe. She shoved the heavy door open and stumbled over the threshold.

Her grin slide from her face like wax on a hot window pane. “What the—?” Instantly, her hand slapped hold of her weapon and brought it level with the Pirate’s face.

“Molly! Don’t!” The fear in Deuce’s eyes caused her pause.

Terror saturated the room. Four Pirates held her husband and a fertility technicians at gun point.

Max, that was his name.

Robotic assistants stood where they had been working, stiff and not moving. They must have been ordered to shut down. A thousand pods filled the space. But only a third had the cryogenic frost.

Would they survive if left unattended? The MiNT RiM, Woodrow and Stanson had used, stood at the ready next to the robotic assistants. Could it save them now?

“That’s right, Molly,” the Pirate leader drawled. “Don’t. Unless you want to see your doctor, all these workers, and every last one of these pods blown up.” He slurped dark drool from a V-shaped scare in his lip. His face tightened with a splintery-tooth grin. His breathing sounded like a pig’s snort with a horrible cold.

He was hideous. And, terribly familiar—But that was impossible.

Nausea lapped at the back of her throat. She swallowed hard. That cranberry scone might be her undoing. But, no way would she allow herself to be sick. He would not get the satisfaction of seeing her affected by him.

The Pirate spoke again, “Now, here’s the thing, Molly.”

The way he drew out her name made her skin creep. “I’m thinking you and your doctor have some pretty fancy programming in those devices of yours. And, I’m thinking…I can do one of two things. I can rip out the one in your doctor’s head and access what I want with it, or you can tell me how you two got past our security systems. Because I’m betting” — he wagged a gnarly finger— “that same technology can get me and my men into your fertility lab.” He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. It skewed his scarred lip, making his chin look like a lopsided latex mask. “Huh? What say you, Molly?”

Deuce’s eyes pleaded with her.

Your security systems? We blew that ship up. How can you—

Molly stared at the Captain. How could this be possible? “Are you all a bunch of clones or something? But your…scar…How?”

He glared at her. “Ah, cleaver girl. But enough about me, what you gonna do?”

“Look, I don’t mean to be rude, but the term ‘You all look alike’ comes to mind.” She stared down the sight of her weapon at his disgusting face.

The Captain slurped, tightened his grip on Deuce, and pressed his weapon even harder into his temple.

Deuce winced.

Molly said quickly, “Look, I don’t have that programming app any more. It was a temporary transmission. It’s all gone now. Sorry.” She kept her weapon aimed at his left eyeball.

“Well, isn’t that too bad.” The Pirate growled tensing his trigger finger.

“Wait!” Molly yelled.

The Pirate swung around and shot the technician next to Deuce. Electrical sparks danced across his body as he crumpled to the floor. The captain wheeled his weapon back against Deuce’s head. “Are you sure about that?”

Molly’s eyes jumped from the fallen man to the pirate. “I-I…”

“She never had the app.” Deuce shouted. “I’ve got it.”

“Deuce, no!” Molly glared at her husband.

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