Free Gift for You

Here it is the end of January 2017. *MIND BLOWN*

So I think we need to celebrate making it to this point!


So, I have a FREE GIFT for everyone who wants it. And why wouldn’t you want it? It is available from my author website, which is FINALLY finished and available to the public! ANOTHER HURRAY!!

If you would like to view my website, CLICK HERE. It’s not just some plain ol’ ordinary author’s website. You can meet my husband, my special needs sister, see me in a ridiculous video, and an inspiring one, both at church. Once you have perused the website, go to “Free Gift” tab and follow the instructions to get your FREE COPY.

And, for those of you who are not as patient, HERE IS THE PAGE to take you straight to the Free Gift.

Sneak Peak:

It’s FREE! 



And it will never be published on Amazon, or Barnes or anywhere other than in your e-reader. That’s what makes it so special!




Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. What do you think of this Free Gift? I really hope you enjoy, but tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you!



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