May I Suggest…

I have several authors whom I enjoy reading and I thought in the Christmas Spirit of giving, I’d give you information about their books. Most, if not all are on sale for Christmas anyway, why not take advantage of their generous offers? You may find you enjoy their stories as much as I. At least I hope you do!


First : April Newell


For More of April Newell at Amazon, click here.

Just one of her reviewers said it all:

With a skilful hand, April Lynn Newell has managed to create a world of her own, one that seems to blend seamlessly with this one, all the while bursting with a vibrancy and beauty only of that in the fantasy realm. From the first page you are drawn into the mysterious world of Chrissi Camden and invited alongside her in her journey. In a market of YA fiction packed with debauchery and glorification of self-serving behavior, The Reconciling is a refreshing contrast. Newell has set the bar for a new generation of Young Adult authors.  By Amazon Customer on November 6, 2015


Next we have Pastor George McVey:


Here’s what just one reviewer said about this author:

“George McVey, the author, draws you in to the story and before you know it you are in the middle of the scenes in Cottonwood with Nathan and Grace, Tim and Nell and of course we can’t forget Aunt Aggie.
This author is proof that you do not need to use foul language or lewd scenes to have an intriguing story. There are enough twists and surprises in this series to keep you guessing and spellbound.
I consider this a must read and highly recommend this series.”

To find all of Pastor George’s book, click here.


Next we have Sophie Dawson:


Sophie Dawson’s book can be found on Amazon. Click here for more of her books.

I’d like to share what one reviewer said about Sophie’s stories:

“I enjoyed this book so much. The Author captured modern day problems for both main characters and let them work them out in a wholesome and heartwarming way. I love, love loved the interactions between the MC’s children and the Male MC. The minor characters were interesting and fun to get to know. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a short story that is also a clean read.”

Last but not least, can you say that about yourself? Well, I am. Here is my Christmas ad:


My books can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

And one reviewer’s opinion:

“I love it when I come across a good storyteller, someone who can make you feel what their characters are going through and interject the Christian message powerfully, but subtly. Lynn Donovan has been able to do just that with Fertility Pirates.”


There are more wonderful authors I can recommend without hesitation. You can check out other great Christian Indie Authors’ reads, follow this link.

Christian Books in Multiple Genres, join Christian Indie Author ~ Readers Group on Facebook where there are opportunities for free books and giveaways.

As always, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. And if you leave a comment for one of these authors, I’ll be sure to pass it along. God Bless you all this Christmas Season and throughout the new year!  2017! WOW!


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