Meet The Author

51nbdfjpivlHey everybody! I want to introduce an Author to you. His name is Pastor George H. McVey, Sr.

I interviewed Pastor George recently about his newest release The Pastor’s Replacement Bride. Now available on Amazon, and for a limited time at only 99¢. Check George out by clicking here.

First, let me tell you a little about this Author:

Author, Pastor George H. McVey, Sr.

Pastor George McVey has over twenty years of combined ministry experience. He’s been a youth pastor, children’s pastor, assistant pastor of worship and teaching, church planter, senior pastor, church leadership advisor and revivalist. He is the very first clergy member of the Christian Indie Author Network and the official Chaplin/online pastor for the website and Facebook groups.

Pastor George lives in Charleston, WV with his wife of thirty years. He used to live in a house on the west side of Charleston, but just like that other famous George, he’s moved on up to the east side. Yes, to a deluxe apartment in the sky. If you catch him there and he agrees to buzz you in y’all probably find him either at his desk writing or in his Lazy-boy reading for a review he’s writing or in the kitchen cooking something tasty. He’ll probably even give you a plate.


Yes folks, that’s George!

Now let’s get to that Interview:  Hello! George. Thank you for coming and answering some questions we have about your publications, your life, and you, in general. I appreciate you taking the time to sit with me today!  (Note: Pastor George’s comments are in bold.)

Glad to do it Lynn. Always have time to chat with you. 

So, let’s start this conversation with my biggest question:

We are used to seeing Wild West stories from you, George. What inspired you to write a Mail Order Bride story? And will you write a book for each of the first ten brides?

Lynn like all my stories the inspiration came from an idea that jumped into my brain. I had started exploring my romantic side in writing (I’ve always been a bit of a romantic in real life) and after doing a contemporary romance story I turned back to the time that I love the most to write in. 

 I don’t know that each of the first ten brides will get a book I can tell you that right now only three of the first ten will get their own book. There may be a few Novella’s later or a collection of short stories with some of the other brides tales. For now, I’ve books planned for Hattie, Lyla, and Virginia. There will also be a book for Myrtle, Hellen and Ernestine. I believe there is a shorter book for Josephine. 

Pastor George, I cannot wait to see those other stories. Especially Myrtle’s. I remember in your book she said she wasn’t going to marry unless God brought her a man her own age…oh be careful what you wish!  Right?

Yes and well She deserves love in her life again. So, she will get a late life romance. 


Is there going to be a special bride story?

Yes there is. I stumbled across a young woman, a singer who has shared one of the hardest journey’s a family can go through and that is the still-born death of a child. They shared their struggle on youtube and it touched my heart. I had a story for this Mail Order Bride series with a Bride whose name hadn’t been revealed to me yet. After watching the video about this family I contacted them for permission to use their daughter’s name for my character. My way of honoring the family’s loss and courage. They responded that they loved the idea so Book four will be dedicated to them and the Bride will be named after their daughter. 

Here, take a tissue. *Sniff* Oh PG, that is the sweetest thing I ever heard. You’re an awesome person to do that for those people!

You know I really didn’t see it as something I was doing for them. It was more of an honor for them to allow me to use her name. 


Are your characters truly fictional, or are they based on someone you know?

LOL, Oh you’re trying to get me in trouble now aren’t you?  Honestly, most of my characters are mostly fictional. By that I mean they are fabricated from my imagination but they may have characteristics or quirks of real life people I know. They often make statements that people I know have made. A great example is the kissing scene between Hattie and young Alfie before her wedding. That scene was inspired by a scene from my own wedding. The Ring bearer kept getting kisses from my Bride. When someone called the three year old on it he told them they weren’t real kisses they were like what his mommy gave him.   So while my characters aren’t based on real people they have some bits of real people in them. 

HeHe! That’s so awesome and that three year old is thirty-three today. I hope he found his own sweetheart so he can give her real kisses!

He is married with three children of his own now. 


I see at the end of your first book, The Pastor’s Replacement Bride, you listed some factual information which became a part of your story, i.e. the furniture maker, etc. Are there other interesting historical truths you have woven into your books?

Yes, I love mixing in real life people from the old west and even fictional western TV and movie characters into my books to surprise and entertain my readers. 

They’re like little “Easter Eggs,” and I love finding them in your books!

That’s why their there, to give the reader a giggle. 


How much research is involved in your stories? How have you obtained such excellent knowledge about how things were in the old west?

There are hours of research in my westerns. I’ve loved the Old West since I was a kid and when I decided to write about it I started doing a ton of reading and fact checking. Now that isn’t to say I give an accurate picture of real life in the old west because I don’t. (People like Nathan Ryder and Nugget Nate were few and far between in the real old west)

Well, in my opinion, you do an excellent job.

Thank you, I try. 


Do you empathize with your characters? When they cook a meal, does it make you hungry for the same meal? When they get upset, do you get upset? Etc.

I’m not sure how to answer this. See to me they aren’t Characters they’re family, friends, even antagonist at times. So yes I feel with them. When Hattie cries over the loss of her friend I wept. In my redemption books I laughed with Nathan and I’ve cried with Tim over both Lucys’ deaths. I don’t get cravings based on what they eat normally but there was one time. When Nathan was served a mess of Crawfish that I wanted some very badly. 

HAHA. I had a feeling about this. And I was right.  Umm. Now I’m craving Crawfish…We call them Crawdads where I come from.  But I know what you mean!

We call them Crawdad’s too but I know a lot of people when I beta tested the book had no idea what a Crawdad was so I went with the more upscale name. 


There’s a term in how a writer writes. It’s called Pantser (if you write from the seat of your pants) and Planner (if you plan everything out before writing). Which are you? Please explain.

I call myself a Planster. I have a Plan but I don’t write out a plot like a true Planner does. I have a general idea for the story and know what I want to happen but often the story takes its own twists that surprise even me. I can’t give you examples without spoilers so I won’t. 

I like that term. Planster.  I’ll remember that for future interviewees! 🙂


Have your character ever taken over everything you had planned and started writing a story you never dreamed of?

Yes, I have two books that are exactly that. Redeeming Reputation and Redeeming Trail were never supposed to be written. The whole idea was to tell the story of Redeeming Grace but the characters demanded a bigger tale than I’d envisioned. I’m sure it will happen again as well. That’s part of what makes writing so fun for me. 

I hear you on this one! That’s why your stories are so enjoyable, you characters come to life for you, the writer, and for us, the readers.

I think so anyway, I pray so. 


Do you think you will continue to surprise your fans with other non-wild-west stories? Or will Nathan Ryder always slip in for a Cameo appearance?

I don’t think Nathan will be in every historical I write. Just like Nate won’t be in them all but I can say without a doubt that Nathan, Grace, Cindy, and Aggie will be in the first three Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary books. They all take place around the same time. But after that I’d like the Sanctuary books to stand on their own merit. 

Yes. That’s sound reasonable to me. Although I loved seeing Pastor Nathan Ryder again, and Aggie.

Well I have to thank my friend and fellow author Sophie Dawson for the loan of Aggie Cutler. She is her creation, but since she uses Nugget Nate, I earned the privilege of using Aggie. 


How important is it, in your opinion, to network with other authors? Or do you work best inside your own bubble?

Oh I am a strong advocate for networking. As you know I am part of several online writers groups and have even co-written a novel with another author I met online. I love having others to bounce idea’s off of and to help them with idea’s they may need some help with. But in the end it still comes down to me and an blank screen and a story that wants to be told. 

That is awesome, PG.


How important is prayer before, during, and after you write.

Hello! Pastor here! Prayer is the most important part of writing. Without God to give me the stories I can’t write them. I’ve tried to write without HIS covering it doesn’t work well for me. 

Amen. I really hear you on this!


Do you ever have writer’s block and if you do, how do you bust through it?

Yes I get writers block. Sometimes the story just doesn’t want to flow. What do I do? Well I put that manuscript aside and work on something else, or I read, or go for a walk. Anything to give my brain a chance to reboot. 

Sometimes if it’s really annoyingly in place I’ll just open a blank page and write free flow whatever comes to mind. Untill the story starts to tell itself to me again. 

Very good advise!

Thank you. 


We know you are a Pastor, do you think you will ever write something other than Christian Fiction/Non-fiction?

I’ve tried to do that and I’ve written a few non-Christian short stories but I don’t think I can write without my faith being a part of the story. It is so much of who I am that I don’t have a world view without God and Christ in it. I make no apologies for that, it’s who I am. 

All I can say is Amen, brother! Keep doing God’s work!

As long as HE gives me the stories I’ll keep sharing them. 


How do you find time to write with the demands of a being a Pastor, having a wife, children, and grandchildren?

Well, it isn’t easy. I’m mostly retired as a Pastor due to health reasons. I do have a few online Pastorial duties and I’ll drop anything if someone needs to talk or wants prayer both online and in the real world.  The family stuff is a balancing act. My family supports what I do as a writer and I try to make sure and give them some attention as well. But as most writers know when the story starts to sing to you everything else goes to the background. Thankfully my wife and family understand that. 

Sounds like you’ve got a great family!

I tend to think so. 


What do you like best about being an author: First draft, edits, publication, marketing, or something else?

I have to say, put that way, the first draft is my favorite part. When the story just flows out of the brain and onto the screen/page. I love the act of creating the story. I dislike editing. I hate going back and changing things, but I know that I want the best work I can give, so I do it. Same with publication and marketing. But my absolute favorite part of being an author is interacting with my readers. Hearing how something I’ve written has touched them or inspired them or encouraged them. That’s why I do this. Nothing else is quite as good as that. 

Readership feedback is awesome.

It’s humbling at times. When something I have written reaches them and draws them closer to God that is a humbling experience. 


What author do you feel influences your writing style?

I’m not sure any writer influences my style. I have more of a storyteller style and I think the people I grew up around influenced that more than a writer. My grandfather and Uncles telling their stories. Listening to the Older generation reminisce. Hearing my Granny talk about the adventures in her life as a child. She met Henry Ford, he fixed her dad’s Model T once. She talked about her parents and grandparents and stories they told. That, I think influenced me more than any writer I’ve read. 

Man, I think I’d like to meet your older generation family! They do sound fascinating!

Unfortantely most of them have gone on to glory now. But I pray I can keep a bit of their stories alive for my kids, grandkids and readers. 


When did you first know you were a writer?

This is going to sound strange but I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m a story teller and a Pastor. My fiction works are me telling a story in a way more people than my immediate circle of influence can hear it. My nonfiction is just another way of sharing the things I’ve learned and used to preach and teach. So I wrote my first story as a child for a class assignment and liked telling the tale, but I never wrote much until 2010 when due to health issues I had to semi-retire from full-time ministry. God showed me another way to keep helping people draw closer to HIM and that as they say was that. 

Isn’t God wonderful. He literally closes one door and opens another. I personally am very glad he led you to this ministry. I have called upon you, myself, a few times for prayer and spiritual guidance. If you weren’t there, I don’t know who I would have turned to. I have a Pastor here where I live, of course, but he’s not an author. You have better insight for praying with and for an author. (may I just say!) Yes, I may!  This is my interview after all!  LOL

Thank you Lynn. I’m glad to help as I can. If  I’ve managed to be a blessing to you that’s all I want. Well and Banana Nut Bread. 

(Ahem! I promised PG I won’t add any more personal comments, but I feel this requires explanation. Prior to the beginning of NaNoWriMo, I made a comment about my making some Banana Nut Bread to snack on while feverishly writing during NaNoWriMo. And PG said, “Umm, I’d kill for some Banana Nut Bread. So, I made another loaf and mailed it to him. I told him we should make it a tradition. Our NaNoWriMo good luck charm: Banana Nut Bread.)

(And by the way, for those of you who are scratching your head, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every year in the Month of November. For more information about NaNoWriMo click here.)


Do any of your children show an interest in writing?

Yes, my daughter has written a few things. I haven’t been able to get her to publish yet but I’m still hopeful. I have one son who writes songs which I guess is another type of writing isn’t it?

Yes, song writing is definitely writing! I hope your daughter becomes bold enough to publish. I’d love to see her work as well.

So would I, she doesn’t share even with me yet.


How do you relax when you are not writing?

I read, watch TV, watch movies, cook, help other authors and fledgling writers. 


Who do you read for pleasure?

Oh dear! We’d be here forever. I’m a veracious reader, there are too many to name. Let me put it this way there are over 5000 books in my kindle cloud and I add more every day. I like your books. Most of the authors that are part of our Christian Indie Author Network and several big name authors. If it’s in print and not erotica, I’ll probably read it. 

Oh, thank you for the compliment! I have a friend who is also a veracious reader. She says if she doesn’t have anything to read, she’ll read soup cans. I love the whole thought of that!

I’ve never read a soup can but Cereal boxes, now that’s some good reading.


I know that you are a regular participant in the NaNoWriMo event every November. How important is that to your production and why do you participate every year? How did you do this year?

It isn’t really important to my production as a writer but it is to my motivation as a writer. I participate because I’m a competitive person and I love a good challenge. Being able to write 50,000 words in thirty days seemed impossible back in 2011 when I did my first one.  Some years I’ve won NaNoWriMo some years I haven’t.  This year I totally rocked it and ended up with over 100,000 words written in those thirty days. But that isn’t normal for me. However it does set a higher goal for me next year. I wonder now if I can repeat or even do better than I did in 2016? I’ll find out next year I reckon. 

WOW! That’s amazing! You must have been in THE zone this past November!

Honestly, I don’t know where that came from. I had hit the required 50,000 words in eight days and said let’s see what we can really do. Imagine my surprise. 


Well, that was my interview with Pastor George McVey. He’s such an interesting person. I love talking to him and sharing ideas and information with him. I hope you have enjoyed this interview as well. Be sure to check out his books. I believe most of them are on sale for the month of December, so now’s an excellent time to fill your cloud library. His Amazon Author page, again, is George H McVey.

As always, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you leave a comment for George, I will be sure he sees it! Thanks for stopping by today. God Bless you all!


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