Sneak Peek Saturday

Hey y’all. It’s Saturday!  Time for another Sneak Peek at Cloned Chaos. For a look at more of my books, click here. Most are on sale through December, so now’s the time to fill your cloud reader library.

This Saturday, I have a special excerpt for you.  And here it is:

Running footsteps came toward [Molly]. Should she hide? Squinting through the debris and smoke, she tried to make out friend or foe.

“Officer Abraham?” a familiar voice called through the haze. Security Officers Stanson and Woodrow closed the distance, handed her an rebreather, and parked a robotic machine against the broken wall. “Dr. Deuce in here?”

Molly sucked against the breather and choked, “Yeah.”

Deuces’s scratchy voice called out, “No, wait guys. Esther’s here. And…make my wife go home!”

Molly shoved her fists onto her hips and glared at the officers.

Woodrow swallowed. “Uh, I don’t think she’s going anywhere.” He turned back to the wall. “What’s your situation, Doc?”

“I’m not sure, the ceiling started crumbling in…and I wanted to protect Esther…and…I’m…trying…”

The floor shook as a rumble penetrated the building. A creaking noise grew to a cracking sound and dust billowed through the splintered plaster. Deuce moaned and heaved a sharp exhale.

“Doc? Are you trying to hold the ceiling off of her?” Stanson said.

“I…need…help!” Deuce groaned.

Molly leaped toward the crumbling barrier, but Woodrow stonewalled her. “We’ve gotta see what we’re up against before we take down this partition.”

Stanson nodded at Molly and turned to examine the structure. “Give us a sec, Doc!”

Molly closed her eyes and prayed. “Oh Lord, please, please, please, help them save Deuce.” She reconsidered. “…and Esther.”

“Okay,” Stanson thought out loud. “What if we worked between the framing, just get a hole big enough to—?” He glanced at his partner.

Woodrow shrugged. “It’s as good an idea as any.” He maneuvered the machine into place.

“What is that?” Molly stared at the contraption.

“It’s an invention the locals use in the cargo houses.” Woodrow touched a glossy black armband. “They call it a MiNT RiM.”

Molly squeezed her brow together and frowned.

The machine whined and slid apart like a telescope, rising level with the officers’ shoulders.

Stanson stretched his neck to watch the machine work. “It’s a Multipurpose Nanite Technology Robotic Machine.” He nodded toward Molly. “MiNT RiM.”

“Whatever,” Molly threw her hands out and shook her head. “So long as it gets Deuce and Esther out of there!”

Woodrow touched his band again. Sliding a finger across its slick surface, a high-pitched whirring sound started deep in the machine, nanites quietly snapped apart to form a small opening where a spinning tri-blade emerged and pressed into the plaster.

“It’s a handy little thing,” Stanson added.

Woodrow touched the armband and the three bladed tool retracted. The nanites swiftly filled the opening. He lifted an optical enhancer and pressed it in.

Molly shoved him aside and peered through the enhancer. She could see the entire crumbling room in an obscured fish-eye mode. Deuce stretched across Esther, shielding her as best he could. Large chunks of plaster covered his back and Esther’s legs. “Oh, dear Lord!”

“Molly, get back,” Woodrow said. “Let us do our job!”

“But he’s trapped…”

“Which is why we are using this.” He gestured to the machine.

She glared at him and then the MiNT RiM. With a strained huff, she jerked back. Her pursed lips and clinched fists whitened as Woodrow pressed his eye against the optical enhancer.

“We see you doc. We’ll have you two out in three shakes.”

The machine bore through the stucco with precision, making a man-size rectangle. So far, the ceiling held and the wall did not collapse, but debris continued to sift through the fractured ceiling. Ever so carefully, the machine moved into the fragile room. Nanites snapped together to form fork-lift tongs and eased in between Deuce and the thick plaster.

Another rumble permeated the building, and the spider cracks in the ceiling widened, causing huge pieces to fall over the MiNT RiM and the two under the debris.

“Deuce!” Molly ran forward.

Woodrow blocked her again. “Whoa, you can’t go in there!”

“Let go of me!” She pounded tight fists against his vise-grip hold.

Stanson touched her shoulder. “Molly, let the machine do it.”

She vehemently shrugged off his touch. Tears burned in her eyes, blurring her vision. She could barely see Deuce under the fallen plaster. “Are you all right, baby?”

Terrifying silence emanated from the rubble.

A sound like thunder, distant and faint, rolled through the infirmary, shaking the ceiling, walls, and floor. Molly and the fellow officers lifted their eyes. Dirt and plaster poured through splintering cracks. Woodrow shoved a forearm into Molly’s shoulder. “Molly, get out of here!”

“That’s my husband in there!” she screamed, tears trailing down her cheeks.

As if the reverberation of her words weakened the building, the ceiling collapsed. Long aluminum light boxes, electrical wires, air duct tubes, and ceiling joists crashed down with the plastered lattice. Dirt billowed, filling the space. Woodrow threw himself over Molly as they dropped with the weight of the debris. A high pitched hum continued from the MiNT RiM and pinging particles.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. Please leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you! And watch for the release of Cloned Chaos, Book 2 in The Abraham Project Series, this April 2017. In the mean time, here are other books I have written, including the prequel, Fertility Pirates, Book 1 in The Abraham Project Series. Most are on sale for the month of December, so check it out while you can get them this low price. Click Here.


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